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How many properties do you represent?

While our inventory is always changing, we currently represent more than four dozen properties. We personally inspect each property and represent only those that are well-maintained and appealing.

Who owns the properties you represent?

The properties are owned  by private parties, most of whom live in the Valley at least part of the year.

How much is the security deposit?

The security deposit is determined by each property owner.  The deposit is refundable as long as the property is left reasonably clean and without damage.

Why don't you list the prices of the properties here?

The price for each property varies according to the season and the length of stay. Prices during November to March are usually lower than April to October.

Why don't you list the addresses of the properties?

One of our important functions is to maintain the privacy of our homeowners as well as that of our clients. You and the homeowner will each have a signed rental agreement, but we don't distribute anyone's name any further.

What are the advantages of renting a home?

If you enjoy the private and exclusive use of amenities such as a pool, spa, or bocce court, then a home rental will probably be your best choice. Most of our clients also prefer having the opportunity to prepare some of their own meals or to hire a private chef for a unique dining experience in wine country.

Can you provide chefs and/or additional cleaning?

We are happy to refer you to some of the wonderful private chefs in the Valley. Normal cleaning before and after the rental period is included in the rental price. Most longer term rentals include weekly cleaning as well. We can usually arrange for additional maid service if you wish.

What if I have to cancel my reservation?

If you have to cancel, we will try to fill your time with another party, and if we can, 90% of your deposit will be returned to you. If we cannot find a replacement, your deposit is forfeited. In this case, the owner loses as well.

How does your approach compare to VRBO?

Many of our properties are listed on VRBO, and many of our clients find us via that resource. Renting through us costs you no more, and it adds the comfort of having someone who has seen the property and made an objective evaluation of it.

How do I know I'll like the property I rent?

By the time you select your property you will have seen an extensive set of on-line photos, and, if possible, you will have toured the property. Almost all of our clients are extremely pleased with the property they choose, and many of them come to us year after year.

What should we bring with us when we come?

The kitchens are well stocked with utensiles and staples, so you'll just need to get your own groceries and wine. The bedrooms and bathrooms are fully appointed as well; you'll only need to bring your personal articles.

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